Scott's 1974 GTO

This GTO is the end result of a sad story...Scott had the 73 Ventura (cloned to a 74 GTO) pictured to the right for just over 17 years. He bought it in 1991 with no engine, and eventually installed a 455/4-speed. The car was not registered on the street until 2006. It was rarely driven on the street, but on February 5, 2009, it met an untimely death, all due to some idiot trying to avoid hitting a cat. The car was declared totaled. Scott was going to repair it anyway, but then he came across the car you see here. It is a real 74 GTO that needed an engine. The best part is that the GTO is a factory 4-speed hatchback, one of only 687 produced!! Scott is in the process of swapping the drivetrain and as many parts as necessary from the Ventura to the GTO. The GTO will be painted bright yellow just like the Ventura.
Best 1/4 mile time from the Ventura is 13.02 @ 106mph on street tires. The drivetrain being swapped into the GTO is a basically stock 455 with unported 6X heads, with a 4-speed and 3.42 Moser 12-bolt axle.

Vehicle Specifications:

Engine: 455 V8
Trans: 4-spd