Bryan's 1969 GTO Judge

This car was purchased in 1987 for $300. It needed basically everything restored. After 21 years and much effort, the car is in nearly original condition.
Bryan's Judge was originally sold at Rodgers Pontiac in Dayton, Ohio. It is fully documented with PHS paperwork, as well as the original build sheet found on top of the gas tank. There is some mystery surrounding this car, however. During the restoration, some remnants of what appeared to be racing type decals were discovered under the spray-can primer. Also, based on the condition of the undercarriage, the car didn't appear to have excessive mileage, but the body was pretty beat up. Finally, the car appears to have been special ordered, with a "tag H. Measel" stamped across the original build sheet. Was it a vintage race car? Or was one of the previous owners just sticker happy? Unfortunately, we have not been able to document any of the car's history. A few years ago, the car
was in an accident. Since the accident, a donor car was procured, and after some repairs, the car actually came out better than it was before.

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Vehicle Specifications:

Engine: 400 Ram Air III V8
Trans: 4-spd