Brandon's 1969 Firebird 400

Originally destined to be his sister Amber's car, Brandon ended up with this 69 Firebird. It is an original 400/TH400 car, with the original engine and transmission. The original drivetrain has been set aside for now (it needs rebuilding). Brandon ran it for a while with a 72 400/TH400, but that engine destroyed its bearings (with help from an improperly installed torque converter). Brandon obtained another 69 400 to build. He put in new rings and bearings, along with a set of #16 heads from a 68 GTO, and a mild cam. The car has power steering, power brakes, A/C, and tilt wheel. It is originally Matador Red with a black vinyl top and black vinyl interior. From the story we got it sat in a barn or garage in California somewhere between 10 and 15 years. The original owner's nephew sold it to a guy in CA, that sold it to Derek (in AZ), who we bought it from. We were told the original owner was doing some performance mods and it hasn't run since. Click here for photos of the original engine and interior. Click here for photos of the new engine and transmission. More photos will come as the car progresses.

Vehicle Specifications:

Engine: 400 V8
Trans: TH400 Automatic