Jill's 66 Mustang

Shortly after we were married in 2006, Jill bought a 66 Mustang as a daily driver. She bought a car that had been hit on the left rear, and the engine block had a baseball-sized hole in it!! We installed a replacement six cylinder and put it on the road, and got the body damage repaired. Unfortuately, the car was rear ended by an Expedition a year or so later, and we had to start over. Almost by fate, another 66 Mustang appeared on Craigslist the morning after the accident. It was also a 6 cylinder automatic car, and was missing the engine. We bought it, swapped in the drivetrain, and hit the road once more. The replacement car had most of the body work done. The top photo shows what it looked like before we did the body and paint. It needed work on the front clip and a passenger door, but those parts from the original car survived, so we used them. You can see more pictures here. The car still needs interior work. The car is just starting to undergo a swap to a fuel injected 5.0 and a 5 speed....

Vehicle Specifications:

Engine: 200 6 cylinder
Trans: C4 automatic