Winter Project Update

Well, spring is here (although you would never know it looking out the window today!), and I thought I would post an update on my winter projects. I got the rear suspension set up on the 74 GTO, as well as the carburetor rebuilt and installed. The car seems to run good, but I haven't driven it yet for several reasons. First, I couldn't get it out of the garage, because I had the Mustang in the way all torn apart. Second, I need to find the correct air cleaner base to mount the shaker scoop, so it doesn't look retarded driving around with a big hole in the hood. Finally, I still need to get the front end aligned (I rebuilt it last summer). But at least I made progress.... Back to the Mustang. I tore it apart and swapped out the front clip and passenger door. The last couple of weekends, I have been sanding it down and doing the body work. I painted the inside of the trunk, and next I have to paint the door jambs and finish a few spots of body work, then it's off to the paint shop. Since it is Jill's car, she picked the color. It will be a relatively dark purple (similar to Plum Crazy purple). I didn't get real far on the Firebird's engine this winter. cleaned the block and installed the crank, then discovered that several of the pistons were pretty tight on the rods. I oiled them up and now, all but 1 are installed in the block. I need to have a machine shop check that one out, but haven't gotten there yet. I still have to buy a cam kit, oil pump and freeze plugs before I can finish the engine. The other project I have worked on this winter is the wagon. Years ago, the factory wiper linkage seized up and tore the sheet metal where it mounted in the center. I set the wipers up using a combination of the factory linkage and 67 Impala linkage. It worked well, but I am getting ready to put a new windshield in it so I can get it registered here in Utah, so I figured I would fix this now, since I have to do some welding right next to the windshield and don't want to risk damaging a new windshield. It's all ready to weld, but I have to wait for the weather to clear up so I can use my neighbor's welder. Anyway, overall I think I did pretty well on my winter projects. I will keep working on the cars during the summer as well. The wagon's AZ registration expired, so I can't drive it until I get the windshield replaced anyway, and I am debating on pulling the Firebird off the road until I get its new engine in, and at least primer it one color until I can afford to paint it.