Having spent 38 of my 40 years in Phoenix, I never really had to deal with winter. I always wondered what it would be like to have to park your classic cars for several months out of the year (actually, I always laughed at people who had to do that!). Considering the fact that my daily drivers were always old cars, I considered myself lucky that I could drive them all year round. Well, as anyone likely to read this already knows, I moved to Utah last January. Utah actually has four real seasons, rather than the "summer, fall, spring, summer" that Phoenix gets. Last winter, most of my cars were still in Arizona, although I drove my wife's 66 Mustang to work every day here in Utah. Now I am in my own house, and all my cars are here. Fortunately, they are safely stored in my garage, so they don't have to sit out in the weather. I even went out and found myself a $100 winter beater (pictured, covered in snow) to drive so the Mustang doesn't have to see snow either. I find myself in a situation that I never had in Phoenix: the opportunity to do "winter projects." I can't say that I am a big fan of winter; I would rather be out driving my cars, but since it forces me to park them, I can work on improving them. I never wanted to tear into any of my cars in Phoenix, since I could drive them all year long, I didn't want them to be sitting torn apart. Now, since I can't drive them anyway, it's a good chance to do some of the work that requires them to be torn apart for weeks at a time. My garage is very well insulated and heated, so no matter how cold it gets, I can still work in it. I am hoping to have my 74 GTO ready for the track by spring; I have made some good progress on it in the last few weeks. I still have to finish setting up the rear suspension, bleed the brakes, and rebuild the carburetor. I am also hoping to paint the Mustang; I should have time to swap out the front clip and door this winter. I have also started assembling the new engine for the Firebird. It remains to be seen how many of these projects actually get done, but they are all things I was not motivated to do when I could just get in the car and drive. Plus, after a few months of driving a crappy little beater, I will appreciate the classic cars even more!