Kids and Cars

Cars can be a great way to bring a family together (or tear it apart if you spend too much time or money on them!!). My two sons are 7 and 3. The 7 year old wants to do nothing other than play video and computer games. He expresses an interest from time to time in helping work on my cars. The picture to the right is him helping bolt the heads on our demolition derby car engine last fall. He is still a little young to do too much on cars, but I hope to spark an interest in old cars for him, so that as he gets older, we have things we can do together. He likes to ride in my old cars, so I hope he gains an interest in working on them, racing them and driving them later. My 3 year old, on the other hand, is a little motorhead. That boy loves anything to do with cars, or any kind of machine for that matter. He spends almost as much time in the garage as I do. Most of the time he is playing in Mommy's 66 Mustang, but quite often he wants to help Dad work on the cars. The bottom picture is of him the other day when I was removing the front suspension from my 74 GTO. He saw me lay under the car, and had to grab a tool and "work on the car" himself. I really hope that as they get older, our cars can bring us closer together, and give us things we can do to spend time together. Not only that, but car knowledge is an important skill that too many kids these days don't learn.