Blog....New Garage

So I lived for the last 13 years in Phoenix with a rickety one car garage, and I had to work on my cars and store them out in the weather. To the right is a picture of how I had to store and work on my cars (no room to store anything, and I had to work on some of the cars in the dirt!!!). There were times when I had 10 cars at my house!!! I planned to build a new garage at that house, but it never materialized. I recently took a job in Utah, which, obviously, necessitated a new house. We were unable to sell our house in Phoenix, so we rented it out in order to be able to puchase a house in Utah, rather than renting.

Well, we found our dream house (well, my dream garage wife says she likes the house, but it needs some updating and she needs new appliances and furniture before she will consider it a "dream house.") According to the appraiser, the garage is over 1,600 square feet!! That will fit all of my cars, as well as most of my spare parts!! I am so excited. We hope to close escrow in the next couple of weeks. It will be so nice to actually keep my cars indoors out of the weather. And the garage is insulated and heated for those cold Utah winters. Plus, I will have room to work on them when they need work, and they won't be in the way of the cars that run. I even have a convenient place to keep my car trailer!!! Pictures to come, once I move in......stay tuned!

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