Wow, it's been a while!

I just realized that I haven't posted on here in almost 2 years (not that anyone reads this stuff anyway). We have become foster parents and adopted 3 beautiful girls, so life has been much busier. I do still find a little time to work on the cars. Now, an update on the projects. I got the Firebird's engine all done. I fired it up in May 2012. It seems to run well, but I only have about 100 miles on the engine, as I have torn the car down to get it ready for paint. I plan to paint it this spring. The body work is almost done; I have to finish the trunk lid and the front bumper. The 74 GTO is on the road (well, it's registered...none of the cars are on the road during the winter). I built a Super Muncie for it, so I don't blow up the stock Muncie. It should be good for all the power I'm going to throw at it in the foreseeable future. I put a couple hundred miles on it before winter hit. I still have some tuning to do, but I hope to hit the track at least once this year. Jill's Mustang is all painted (as you can see in the Pictures section of the site). Now I just need the time and money to get the fuel injected 302 and 5 speed in it! The wagon has barely moved in the last couple of years. I have the dash apart right now putting a heater core in it, and fixing the dash lights. The 66 GTO hasn't changed. I swapped the transmission from the 74 GTO into it, as the one that was in the 66 GTO was very noisy. I fixed the 45 years of slop in the clutch linkage while I had it apart. That's the update for now. I am just finishing up some basement remodeling, so I hope to be able to get back into the garage soon!